Remote Work for Java Developer with DevOps experience

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Remote Work for Java Developer with DevOps experience

Příspěvekod Asmodat1 » 6. 3. 2019 13:02

Hello I am looking for a Java developer that touched AWS cloud and microservices arch such as kubernetes, ELK, docker, openshift etc.
Work is remote 3-5k$ + stock option for first few months then more with option to relocate to Switzerland office. Can be both Part or Full time, with minimum of 4h a day.
Project is cryptocurrency related, and has both centralized and decentralized stack, your part would be more on the centralized stack side with integration to the blockchain later.
You can contact me on telegram
We can also meet in Prague and discuss personally or via skype/zoom call.

We are looking mostly for a cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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