[NJAZ091] Zkouška z ANJ - ESP Test - 18.6.2021

Ja něpanimáju, vy gavarite po anglicki?
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[NJAZ091] Zkouška z ANJ - ESP Test - 18.6.2021

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Prikladám ako vyzerala skúška 18.6.2021.
Disclaimer: Bolo mi to len preposlané, nech to tu zavesím. Taktiež 3. fotka je v zlej kvalite a preto je nižšie aj textový prepis.

(Nejde mi priložiť obrázky HTTP Error, takže tu je link na ne https://imgur.com/a/kk0PEBM)

D Find LANGUAGE mistakes (NOT MATHEMATICAL mistakes) in the following sentences:
  • If the sentence is correct write ✔ (a tick) next to the item (1, 2, 3, ...).
  • If it is incorrect, write the correction next to it. In each incorrect sentence, there is only one mistake. The sentences form a priece of coherent text.

6 points (1 each)
  • A general prism is a polyhedra possessing two congruent polygonal faces and with all remaining faces para..(toto neprečítam)
  • A right prism is a prism in which the top and bottom polygons lie on top of each other so that the vertical polygons connected their sides are not only parale..(zas neprečítam), but rectangles.
  • A prism that is not a right prism is known as an oblique prism.
  • If, in addition, the upper and lower bases are rectangles, then the prism is known as a cuboid.
  • The regular right prisms have particulary simple nets(?), given by two oppositely-oriented n-gonal basis connected by a ribbon of n squares.
  • The graph corresponding to the skeleton of a prism is referred to, not surprisingly, like a prism graph.

E Complete the following statements with appropriate mathematical terms. (Each gap corresponds to one, two or three words.)
8 points (1 each)
  • The length around a circle is called the ______.
  • The set with no elements in it is called the _____.
  • A(n) _____ is a curve that can be obtained as the plane section of a cone, e.g. hyperbola, or parabola.
  • The function f such that f(x)=e^x, is called the_____ function.
  • A(n) _____ is a line through one vertex of a triangle and perpendicular to the opposite side.

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