Introduction to Game Design – Exam 26. 1. 2020 (Kolek)

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Introduction to Game Design – Exam 26. 1. 2020 (Kolek)

Příspěvekod Quake » 26. 1. 2021 13:59

The exam happens via Zoom and takes approximately 20 minutes. At the beginning, you get two bigger topics and you have 5 minutes to prepare some notes. After the 5 minutes you are supposed to tell everything you know about the topic. If you are missing something, Kolek asks you about it and if you don't know he tries to give you some hint. After the 2 big topics he asks one more question about some concept. In my case, the big topics were developing on multiple platforms from both the design perspective and the business perspective and the history of games (namely arcade games and their golden age). The small question in the end was about the indieapocalypse. He doesn't want the answer in great details, the information he gave us during lectures is absolutely sufficient. And it's not a problem when you don't know something but figure something out after he gives you the hints.
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